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As a business owner, you might find it daunting to think about why choose digital over traditional marketing. Here are few reasons to focus on digital marketing instead.

Shifting Attention
Data Driven
Inbound Wins

Attention is shifting towards digital channels.

Few decades ago or so, people used to like billboards. Nobody sees billboards anymore. Even if they see it, no one appreciates.

Because, in the digital world, attention is shifting radically.

Mobile Applications, Google searches, Websites and Social Media are where the attention is.

Digital channels understand people better. In turn, terms like “permission marketing” and “inbound marketing” have emerged.

Get in front of people only when they want it and like it.

In return, customers will provide you their attention.

Analytics tools like “Google Analytics” have made it possible to analyze data about customers, their behaviors and engagements.

All the data are real time, which seemed out of the world before the internet.

This way, marketing strategies these days tend to work better.

All the necessary adjustments don’t take much time because we get data in real time.

No need to spend a fortune on surveys or research.

Data remains at the heart of “Digital Marketing”

This is the world of inbound marketing.

Instead of traditional form of Advertisements, consumers demand content these days.

Basically, creating great and high quality content attracts the costumers in itself.

Instead of radio, TVs, there are podcasts, blogs and videos.

And, then there is SEO.

When your website is SEO optimized, you are not searching for customers. Rather, they are searching for you.

Inbound is where digital marketing has it’s edge.

Digital takes personalization to the next level.

Basically, there are almost every forms of targeting that we can think of.

Be it location, user behavior or profession.

Since digital marketing is data driven, we have huge amounts of data collected about a large customer base.

And, that happens every seconds of the day.

Companies like Google and Facebook have made it a lot easier for startup business like us to leverage data.

Better targeting for a better marketing campaign.